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Beautiful Things For Happy People


In a daize of happiness, in a world of sunshine, and in a life filled
with love, laughter, fun and beauty -

Happydaize is influencing the women of the world to be happy,

relaxed and enjoy the moment!


Happydaize is a ladies lifestyle brand, enticing the ultimate holiday goddess to live, love and laugh in our happy world.


Born on the sundrenched beaches of the world, happydaize brings colour, quality and beauty at affordable prices to your doorstep.

Happydaize is a great mixture of casual coolness, oozing class and style. Our customer base is quite diverse as we do our best to cater to all ages, shapes and sizes.


You will find us in a wide variety of lifestyle shops. The cross between surf and fashion makes us the ultimate lifestyle label. The main priority is our customers and their overall happiness.


Ensuring happy customers, we focus on using high quality natural fibres to ensure all garments are classic, comfortable and unique. Word of mouth has resulted in the growth of our happy family.